A little more about us

Turn Pro Painting is a registered contractor in Washington State–licensed, bonded & insured.  Our team is dedicated to quality apartment painting that fits your budget. The Turn Pro Painting team draws from direct experience in property management turnover painting, residential painting, as well as experience hiring and wrangling painting vendors.
Wrangling vendors, you ask?  In a word, yes.  If you have to call a painter to find out if they are still coming out to do the job as scheduled, they are costing you in time, aggravation, or both.  And then there is the joy of inspecting the work once completed.  Are there paint drips?  Which unintended surfaces have paint on them this time– will it be the stove, refrigerator, floor, or all three?
See how easy it is to drop Mr. Drippy-Slop painting today!